I hear private college counselors are expensive. What are your fees?

  • We have hourly and comprehensive options for payment. Some students meet with us once or twice, while others are looking for a multi-year package.

My high school guidance counselor says I don’t need to work with a private counselor. Why should I?

  • High school guidance counselors are great resources during your college search. But sometimes students want the individual attention that a private counselor can offer. Private counselors also have the time during the year to visit colleges across the country and give you the benefit of this experience.

My child doesn’t seem to be interested in applying to colleges at all. How can you help?

  • Sometimes students live a little more in the present than we as parents might like them to do. Talking with a private counselor can help your child to identify his or her goals and to explore how college might be the way to achieve these goals.

Can I work with you for one or two specific things in my college search or do I have to sign on for months and months?

  • While some students prefer a multi-year package, many of our families choose the hourly option. We can help you brainstorm an essay, explore a college’s website, introduce you to the Common Application, create a college list, etc.

What DON’T you do?

  • We don’t write essays for students. It’s unethical and it’s contrary to our belief that students are empowered by going through the college search process. Writing an essay for a student sends the message that they’re not good enough. At The Brass Ring, every student has value and is able to write a great application essay.
  • We don’t guarantee admission to any specific college. College admissions today is a complicated field; it’s more of an art than a science. Having said that, Kristen speaks with admissions officers and other counseling professions regularly.  She learns about the traits colleges are looking for and she creates college lists based on how these traits match well with individual students. Her goal is to help students present themselves in the best light possible so that they have many good choices come decision time and so they’re happy and successful in their chosen college.
  • We don’t hold your hand every step of the way. We’re not babysitters; we’re guides. Your child is the one who is going to be going to college soon. If he or she isn’t ready to take some responsibility for applying to college, then odds are that college might not be the next best step. What we will do is teach your child how to set goals, stay organized, discover interests and strengths, research colleges, and draft and edit an application essay.

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