One of the best ways to know if an independent educational consultant is right for your family is to speak with people who have worked with me. I am happy to provide referrals to former families for more information.

“Thanks a million for all of your help with the college process. Your advice was invaluable and eliminated so much of the conflict and stress that are otherwise inherent in the process. You are the best!!”

“You set clear expectations, you kept me informed of the big picture, you worked with my kid on her essays while maintaining her voice and agency, and you helped us refine her college list to include a great mix of schools. You were a calm and reassuring expert during an emotional time. We appreciate your helpful discernment.”

“Our daughter said working with you “was helpful and Kristen is nice” which is perhaps the highest praise you will ever hear from her. I was very doubtful that she would work with anyone, so it really speaks to your ability to understand kids that she enjoyed working with you. We will definitely recommend you!”

“College essays can be extremely stressful, but that stress can be abated significantly with Kristen’s services.”

“Kristen went above and beyond, assisting me in not only the application process but in actually deciding where I wanted to go.”

“My essays were edited in a way that added to them but did not take away my individual voice.”

“Kristen helped my daughter to examine herself and discover college choices that matched her personality. Having an expert available to guide us through this process was priceless!”

“Every last minute question or concern was answered knowledgeably and personally.”

“Were I to have to complete this daunting but rewarding process again, I would most definitely use Kristen.”

“Through the unending choices that arise when considering colleges and careers, we found advice from Kristen helped to refine my daughter’s focus and form a solid plan.”

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