Should you Friend a college?


You know that colleges are going to evaluate your grades, test scores, recommendations, and Common App essay. You work hard to present a positive image. You want colleges to remember you.

Your college counselor has probably advised you to show “demonstrated interest” in a school by visiting campus, requesting an interview, or contacting your local college representative with questions.

Another easy way to show interest is to follow a college on Twitter or Friend a school on Facebook. Before you reach out to colleges, however, clean up your online presence if necessary.

When you Friend a college, its admissions officers can see everything on your page.

According to a recent New York Times article, about a third of schools research their applicants online. Do you want a silly photo to limit your college options?

Remember the Grandma Test. Would you want your grandma to see a photo or read a certain post? If not, reconsider leaving it on your page.

Social media can be a great tool for college admissions. Just make sure a friend is really a friend.

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