The Balance Beam


Walking along the balance beam can be tricky. You work hard at school, you do your best at sports practice, and you maybe have an after-school job. Some days, it’s tough to stay on task and remember what’s important to you.

The best advice I give my students when they are filling out college applications is to “single-task.” Do one thing at a time. Write a supplemental essay for one of your colleges without working on another. You certainly don’t want to tell College B that you love it for one reason and mistakenly leave in the name of College A!

I was interviewed recently about being a mom and a business owner. If you’d like to read the entire article, click here Work-Life Balance and scroll down … and down … and down. What keeps me on track with my busy life — my own balance beam — is the idea of single-tasking. Scientists have discovered that multi-tasking actually results in us doing each task poorly. Focusing on one thing at a time increases how much and how well you get things done.

So jump up on that balance beam, get out your to-do list, and start checking things off — one at a time!

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